With advanced features



It prevents mold in bread.

  • It solves the problems such as not baking the inside of the bread, remaining dough caused by the ROPE activity.
  • It prevents bad odor in bread as a result of mold growth.
  • It eliminates the rope activity and ensures problem-free bread production.
  • It delays staling.
  • VITALEKS ROPE is used 100-200 gr per 50 kg flour. It ensures that the breads remain mold-free for 10-15 days. It is added directly to the kneading boiler.
  • SHELF LIFE is 1 year from the date of manufacture when stored in a cool and dry environment.​
  • It is produced with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance.​
  • Production Permit was obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Turkey. The suitability of our company for production is controlled by regular inspections.

Ambalaj : It is a 25 kg cardboard box.

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