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To increase high efficiency and quality...


ERKAYA produces quality control devices for grain, flour and feed industry. We produce and sales laboratory mills (roller and hammer), gluten washing machines (single and double), gluten index, touch screen falling number devices (single and double), sedimentation device, hectoliter, humidity analyser, truck sampler, ash oven, dosing machine, sieve shaker, protein and dough analyser (extensograph-farinograph) worlwide.

It provides worldwide sales and after-sales support services.


Authorized Classification service; It is provided under the Agricultural Products Licensed Warehousing Law No. 5300, which came into force on April 12, 2013. Main purpose is to determine a price according to the quality of the grain, to store samples in suitable conditions and to create a sustainable, balanced and reliable market. In addition, to maintain the classification of grain in a reliable and high quality manner by making analyzes within the scope of international standards, Licensed Warehousing take an essential place.

As of 2022,Our company, which is authorized by the Ministry of Commerce, provides Authorized Classification services for Licensed Warehousing companies with great care in the light of our quality that has been going on for years.


Erkaya produces flour improvers such as hemicellulase, alpha amylase, antioxidants (vitamin C), emulsifiers (lipase) which are used for flour, pasta and biscuits industry.

Different enzyme systems;

alpha amylase,
antioxidants (vitamin C),
Emulsifiers (lipase)

produces all flour additives such as



NIR analyzer designed for rapid measurement of protein and moisture in wheat, barley and other grains.

The number of beats is displayed on the LCD Screen. Speed control / frequency adjustment is available.

It distinguishes itself with its ease of use, reliability, repeatability of results and compact design. 

  • It can be used in milling of annealed and unannealed wheat.