Harinograf YENI

Harinograf Standardized methods to determine quality of flour and dough. Su Tutma Kapasitesi +  Hamur Gelişme Süresi +  Stabilite + Yumuşama Derecesi + Harinograf Kalite Numarası The Harinograph H1 is presented to you with an integrated computer; The flour-water suspension is placed in the heated mixing unit, experiencing mechanical stress from rotating mixer blades controlled […]

Touch Screen Gluten Index GI3020

Touch Screen Gluten Index GI3020 Wheat, corn and other grains can be automatically transferred from the warehouses and stored in the sample container. GENERAL SPECIFICATION GALLERY Get an Offer General features CE certified. New design with 5 inch Touch Screen Display,First ever in the World! Displays real rotation rate on display, First ever in the […]