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GW 3200 Touch Screen

Touch Screen Gluten Washer GW 3200 is the latest and most modern Gluten Washer models.

Gluten-yikama-dokunmatik GW 3200

The world's first touchscreen
display while offering many new
benefits and enhanced features.

Gluten Washing System GW 3200

  • CE Certified.
  • Touch Screen Gluten Washer. First in the world
  • Conforms to Official World Standards
  • Possibility to work with double samples.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Stainless steel box. No corrosion!
  • Analysis of wheat flour, wheat, durum wheat, semolina and wheat gluten.
  • It can be used for both ground grain and flour by growers, grain traders, flour mills, flour users, wheat gluten producers, pasta makers and bakeries.
  • Two different test methods (flour and crushing) in the same system
  • Quick analysis. A complete test takes less than 7 minutes.
  • Kneading time and washing time can be adjusted.
  • Possibility to adjust the kneading time between 5 – 75 seconds and the washing time between 60 – 900 seconds.
  • Rugged Design.
  • In case the water pump hose bursts with the channels opened on the bottom panel of the device’s case, effective water evacuation is performed and electronic circuits are protected.
  • Separation of grain and flour as wet gluten
  • Power Requirement:: 110 V – 60 Hz or 220 V-50 Hz (must be specified in order)
  • Power Consumption: 185 W
  • Dimensions (WxLxH):: 36-34-44 cm
  • Net Weight: 17 kg
  • Display Features: 7” Color Touch Screen
  • Laboratory Mill HM 210 or 310 : It is used to prepare a grain sample.
  • Dispenser :It provides the opportunity to use the needed water easily and accurately.

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