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PB 10

It is a protease enzyme with amylase activity specific for biscuit production.

  • It weakens the gluten structure.
  • It gives the necessary elasticity for the process.
  • It reduces dough resistance.
  • It softens the dough and makes it easier to process.
  • It speeds up fermentation.
  • It supports the formation of aroma.
  • VITALEX PB 10 is a protease enzyme with amylase activity, which is prepared to provide properties such as brittleness and crispness in the final product, intended for biscuit production.​
  • USAGE AMOUNT is 10-50 gr/100 kg flour. SHELF LIFE is 1 year from the production date when stored in a cool and dry environment.​
  • It is produced with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance.​
  • Production Permit was obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Turkey. The suitability of our company for production is controlled by regular inspections.

Ambalaj : It is a 25 kg cardboard box.

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