Falling Number

FN 7100

Segregation of sound and sprouted grain to save money and ensure quality

  • CE certified
  • Large color touch screen display
  • All function buttons are one touch away; easy to use
  • Measures FN conforming to international standards
  • Single analysis system
  • Segregation of sound and sprouted grain to save money and ensure quality
  • Possibility to perform;
    • Classical Falling Number Test in wheat flour and meal,
    • Falling Number Test in wheat flour with altitude correction,
    • Falling Number Test in meal of wheat, durum, rye and barley with altitude correction,
    • Fungal Falling Number Test to detect alpha amylase enzyme activity which is added to flour
  • Automatic altitude correction and automatic recalculation of FN results
  • Moisture FN, Moisture GR, Mean Value, Liquefaction Number
  • Calculation of Blends, Sample ID
  • LAN connection
  • Print Out
  • Archive
  • Power requirements : 110 V – 60 Hz or 220 V – 50 Hz
  • Energy consumption: Heating 1000 VA, Operation 500 VA
  • Cooling water consumption: 20 – 45 l/h
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 30-59-58 cm (When the screen is on) 23-59-58 cm (When the screen is folded)
  • Weight : 21 kg
  • Display features: 7” color touch screen
  • Cooling Unit CL 5 : Provides water savings by providing cooling water circulation.
  • Shakematic FN 7 : Automatic shaker for fast and smooth sample preparation.
  • Laboratory Mill HM 210 or 310 : Hammer mills suitable for sample preparation.
  • Printer : Compact printer for printing analysis results.
  • Separation: Separating intact and germinated grains.
  • Mixing Preparation: Mixing grains or flours to create a product with certain properties.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring that deliveries meet the end user’s demand.
  • Fungal FN: To confirm the total enzymatic activity in flours with additives.

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