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Erkaya Elastograph is used for dynamically testing the mixing properties of dough for evaluating the flour quality and processing properties of the dough.

  • Elastograph measures; Resistance to extension (R5 cm), Resistance to extension (RMax.), Extensibility, Area below the curve (energy, A), Ratio number 5, Ratio number Max to make reliable statements about the baking behavior of the dough
  • Elastograph shows the influence of flour additives like ascorbic acid, enzymes (e.g. proteinases), and emulsifiers and thus permits to determine the rheological properties of each flour and to adjust the “rheological optimum” for the respective purpose
  • Integrated touch screen display
  • Conforms to all international standards
  • Measurements of 45, 90 and 135 minutes are recorded during the test
  • Determines the rheological optimum to standardize the flour quality
  • Fermentation room with 4 cells

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