Special enzyme for biscuit production
· Loosens the gluten
· Prevents blister formation with strong gluten
· Softens the dough
· Speeds up fermentation
· Prevents cracking
· Supple, easily shaped doughs
· Reduces the resistance of the dough
· High performance protease enzyme
· Good relaxation
· Reduced water absorption and stability
· Enhanced flavour and browning

VITALEX PB 20 is a standardized protease complex with amylase side activity for gentle softening of the gluten and beter fermentation in sponge doughs.
DOSAGE is 30-70 gr/100 kg flour
SHELF LIFE is one year after the date of production if kept in cool and dry place.
Our company has been certified by ISO 9001:2000
Products of our company is authorized by Agriculture Ministry of Turkish Republic and the compliance with the continuing standarts is checked by regular audits.
Bacillus subtilis is the source of the enzyme. Optimum temperature range is 45-60 C and Optimum pH is 4.4-6.0
PACKING is in 25 kg box packages

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