The reliability of laboratory analysis depends on the quality of sampling. The samples should represent the actual composition of grain in the truck.
The pneumatic grain sampler is an industrial sampler for a wide variety of materials, including wheat,barley, corn, pellets, chips, flakes, granules and powders. It provides representative and repeatable samples form ships, rail cars, trucks, tubs, bulk-bags or other vessels.

Sample probe is mounted on the swivel stand and boom which are powdered in three axis. The system can operate in 2 different mode which are automatic and manual mode. In the automatic mode ,sampling probe touches the base of the truck and starts sampling from the base of the truck to the top.
Vacuum is provided by a very functional blower(3 kw)
Telemechanique PLC provides ease of use
Remote contol distance is 50 meters.
In the manuel mode, it is possible to choose the depth where you can start sampling. The grain amount which system takes depends on density and the moisture. The system can move 180º right to left and 180º left to righ(totally 360 º) It can move upwards and downwards.
The probe strand has 240 cm length and by means of telescobic arms it is possible to lengthen the probe strand up to 640 cm.
The probe has 220 cm length.
High performance vacuum systems ,can take sample from different depths. It collects the sample in the cyclone in the laboratory.
Optional Accesorries
Possibility to perform the sampling at night. Traffic lights infors the driver about the process Camera system lets the user view the sampling process better Sample data recording software used to store and analyze information about the sample and provider
Communication line between the driver and probe operator Factory sampling system for taking samples from production line in the factory
Probe strand is 2.40 meter and every features are the same expalined above.
Probe strand is 2.40 meter and it is possible to extend the probe strand up to 4 .20 meters with an additional one telescobic arm
Probe strand is 2.40 meter and it is possible to lenghten the probe strand up to 5 meters with an additional 2 telescobic arms.
Probe strand is 2.40 meter and it is possible to lenghten the probe strand up to 6.40 meters with an additional 2 telescobic arms. It is the only model in the world which has 6.40 meters probe strand. It is specially manufactured for trucks ,big lorries. It is possible to take samples in every point of the lorries with this model
No need for service and maintainance at all ,due to the fact that it has less mechanical elements that the other systems
Possibility to reach unlimited power due to its hydraulic feature Possibility to penetrate into any samples such as limestone and meals.

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