CE certified
Measures wet gluten quantity of the wheat meal, wheat flour,durum, semolina and vital wheat gluten.
Measures the wet gluten amount conforming to international standarts (ICC and AACC Standard methods).
Dual chamber system
Conforms to Official World Standarts ( AACC No:38-52, ICC No: 155&158, 137/1)
Stainless steel box. No corrosion!
Measures both ground grain and flour at breeders, grain traders, fl our mills ,flour users, wheat gluten manufacturers, pasta manufacturers and bakeries.
Completely automatic .
Two different test methods in the same system.
Rapid analysis. A complete test takes less than 7 minutes. Stops automatically with a warning signal.
Adjustable mixing and washing time by means of dipswitches on the rear panel.
Possibility to adjust mixing time from 5 up to 75 seconds and washing time from 60 to 900 seconds.
Robust Design.For use in difficult grain intake environments.
Spesically designed holes at the bottom panel enable device to discharge the water,incase of water pump tubes deterioration.

Easy of Use. Non technical operators can use the system confidently. No chemicals required. Segregation of grain and flour in terms of quality .
Complete with all accessories.

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