• CE certified
• New design Falling Number, 7 inch Touch Screen Display on the side.
• 3 different themes of display
• All function buttons are one touch away. Easy to use.
• Measures FN conforming to international standarts (ICC and AACC Standard methods).
• Single Analysis System
• Segregation of sound and sprouted grain to save money and ensure quality
• Possibility to perform;
      -Classical Falling Number Test in wheat flour and meal.
      -Falling Number Test in wheat flour with Altitude Correction, 
      -Falling Number Test in meal of wheat,durum,rye and barley  with Altitude Correction,
      -Fungal Falling Number Test to detect alpha amylase enzyme activity which is added to flour 
• Automatic  altitude  correction and automatic recalculation of FN results
• Moisture FN,Moisture  GR ,Mean Value ,Liquefaction Number
• Calculation of Blends, Sample ID
• LAN connection
• Optional Print Out
• Arshive

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