• Next Instruments brand, CropScan 1000B Whole Grain Analyzer.                                        • CropScan 1000B Near Infrared Transmission Analyser is designed to measure protein, oil, starch, fiber and moisture in whole grains of wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, triticale, soybean, corn, rice, peas, beans etc.                                                                                  • The CropScan 1000B uses a 500ml cup of grain that is poured into the hopper.                    • The grain drops into a measurement cell where 10 scans are collected and averaged to provide a result in approximately 35 seconds.                                                                      • An optional test weight module is available for the Cropscan 1000B so that Test Weight or Hectolitre Weight can be calculated automatically.                                                                • Screenings Weight and Retention Weight can be entered into the CropScan 1000B using the keypad, so that all parameters are computed and displayed on the screen.                            • CropNet Grain Data Management and Weighbridge Software are available to operate in a PC in order to read a weighbridge monitor and produce a load report.                                        • CropNet stores the data into the PC and can post the data onto the internet for remote viewing using a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.

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