Next Instruments brand, CropScan 3000B Whole Grain Analyzer.


CropScan 3000B Near Infrared Transmission Analyzer is designed to measure protein, moisture, starch, fiber and oil in whole grains of wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, triticale, soybean, corn, rice, peas, beans etc. The built in Touch Screen PC provides a means of measuring a wide range of grain samples but also adding storage and quality information about the grains, including; Test Weight, Screening, Retention, Variety, Grade, Tonnage, Storage Location. The CropScan 3000B uses a pour through measuring cell that has an automatic pathlength selection for each grain type. Once the product has been selected, the CropScan 3000B adjusts the pathlength of the measurement cell to provide an optimum scan. The CropScan 3000B can be connected to a second screen where the CropNet Grain Data Management software runs in parallel to the Cr3000B operating software. A weighbridge monitor can be connected to the Cr3000B via a USB port and cable, so that load weights can be taken automatically. Alternatively, a Bar Code Reader and a Scale can be connected to the Cr3000B USB ports for recording bag weight and sample ID as used in field trial testing. The CropNet software posts the data to the internet where it can be viewed remotely using a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.

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