• A Near Infrared Transmission Analyser
• Measure protein, moisture, starch, fiber and oil in whole grains of wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, triticale, soybean, corn, rice, peas, beans etc.
• The built in Touch Screen PC provides a means of measuring a wide range of grain samples but also adding storage and quality information about the grains, including; Test Weight, Screening, Retention, Variety, Grade, Tonnage, Storage Location.
• The CropScan 3000B uses a pour through measuring cell that has an automatic pathlength selection for each grain type.
• Once the product has been selected, the CropScan 3000B adjusts the pathlength of the measurement cell to provide an optimum scan.
• The CropScan 3000B can be connected to a second screen where the CropNet Grain Data Management software runs in parallel to the Cr3000B operating software.
• A weighbridge monitor can be connected to the Cr3000B via a USB port and cable, so that load weights can be taken automatically.
• Alternatively, a Bar Code Reader and a Scale can be connected to the Cr3000B USB ports for recording bag weight and sample ID as used in field trial testing.
• The CropNet software posts the data to the internet where it can be viewed remotely using a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.

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