Next Instruments brand, CropScan 3000F Grain & Flour NIR Analyzer.

The CropScan 3000F is a bench top NIR analyzer designed for rapid measurement of protein and moisture in wheat, barley and other cereal grains and powders including flour, semolina, soybean meal, corn flour and meals can be measured in a 5mm deep rotating dish. Up to 30 sub scans can be collected for either grains or powders and averaged to provide excellent accuracy and precision.

• Protein and Moisture in Wheat 

•  Protein, Moisture, Ash, Water Absorption and Starch Damage in Flour and Semolina 

• Specks in Flour and Semolina 

• Protein and Moisture in Meals 

• Protein, Moisture, Oil and Starch in Soybeans, Corn, Rice and other grains and oil seeds. 

• Protein, Moisture and Oil in Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Soybean Meal and other processed grain products. 

• Touch Screen Operation

• Once the NIR analyser has predicted the required parameters, the software prompts a set of customised data fields. The operator enters the following information: Sample ID, Test Weight and Screening Weight, Storage Location, Variety, Grade, Source, Truck ID 

• Once the data fields are completed, the information is stored in the on-board memory. Reports are available at the press of a button for; Tabulated results, Spectra, Trends Plots, Bin Averages for each silo, bunker or shed.

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