• Used for spraying grains with fumigants during purchase of grain to silo or grain transportation from one silo to another.                                                               • Possibility to adjust the number of tablets which will be dosed in a minute by means of GEMO on control panel.                                                                                     •  Possibility to adjust the rate as 1 tablet per (1-999) seconds.                               

• The cell contains 3000 gr of fumigant which is 1000 tablets.                                   

• Larger cells are available upon request.                                                                     

• The running time and the waiting time can be adjusted by speed controller. Tablet outlet diameter can be produced accordingly.                                           

•Tablets are isolated from external environment.                                                         

• The device can be placed on the line from purchasing point to the silo, grain band or somewhere between silos.                                                                       

• Power requirement is 220 V-50Hz.

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