· Increases properties of flour for baking cakes and baklava
· Increases strength and stability of the fermentation test
· Increasing tyanuchest test simplifies handling
VITALEX LUX, made specifically for baking pies and baklava.

Taking into account the physicochemical and rheological properties of flour improver is added in an amount of 5.8 grams per 50 kg of flour. When used in a data supplement doses provides a test structure suitable for baking perfect pies and baklava.
Shelf life 1 year from the date of storage in a cool, dry place.
Performed with quality assurance ISO 9001:2000
The license for the production of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Turkey.
Compliance with the production of our company is monitored by regular audits.
Produced from raw materials produced at the optimum operating temperature of 45-55 C0 strain of Rhizopus oryzae, Aspergillus spp., Trichoderma spp.Optimalny pH range of 4.4.-5.5.
PACKAGING 25 kg carton-hand.

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