Increases the dough resistance
· Enhances fermentation stability and dough tolerance
· Gives better machinability
· Increases volume of baked product
· Arranges pore structure
· Makes dough drier and firmer
· Improves oven spring
· Fine crumb structure
VITALZYME G is a glucose oxidase with high catalase side activity.
SOURCE is Aspergillus spp
ACTIVITYis 1500 GU/gr
DOZAGE is 1-3 gr/ 50 kg flour
SHELF LIFE is one year after the date of production if kept in cool and dry place.
Our company has been certified by ISO 9001:2000
Products of our company is authorized by Agriculture Ministry of Turkish Republic and the compliance with the continuing standarts is checked by regular audits.
Optimum temperature range is 45-55 C
Optimum pH is 4.4-6.5
PACKING is in 25 kg box packages

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