Standardized fungal alpha amylase enzymes
· Arranges alfa amylase activity
· Shorter kneading time
· Gives fine texture
· Increases volume yield
· Prolongs shelf life
· Delays stailing
· Fine crumb structure
VITALZYME F 3 is a standardized fungal alfa amylase for providing free sugars by hydrolosing starch in flour. Yeast ferments these free sugars to improve better baking results.
SOURCE is Aspergillus Oryzae
DOSAGE is 0.5-3 gr/ 50 kg flour
SHELF LIFE is one year after the date of production if kept in cool and dry place.

Our company has been certified by
Products of our company is authorized by Agriculture Ministry of Turkish Republic and the compliance with the continuing standarts is checked by regular audits.

Optimum temperature range is 45-55 C
Optimum pH is 4.4-5.5
PACKING is in 25 kg box packages.
ISO 9001:2000

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