Moisture Meter HE 50


Product Detail

Moisture Meter HE 50




  • easy handling

  • exact measuring results

  • automatic temperature correction

  • high measuring range up to 30 % moisture

  • 14 calibrations

  • various approvals



  • Measures wheat,barley,corn,rye,sunflower ,flour as well as other grains

  • Four of the fourteen product programs can be selected from over 180 available products for your HE 50, e.g. cargo, peanuts, milo corn, green coffee etc.

  • This allows a universal application of the HE 50 for grain, grass, vegetable and flower seeds, etc.

  • Floury products can be measured by means of the special cell for floury products, available as option.

  • The HE 50 is suitable for the temperature measurement as well. In connection with a temperature rod (1 m or 1.5 m) you can measure the temperature in stored goods and piles of grain.

  • The temperature in bales of straw and forage can be measured by means of the new temperature rod for straw and forage