Falling Number FN 7200


Product Detail

Falling Number FN 7200



  • CE certified
  • Large color TOUCH PANEL display with 140*180 mm dimensions (First ever in the World!).
  • Touch Panel  facilitates to see all test functions on the same display and prevent user from going through many submenus to pass another test mode.
  • Measures FN  conforming to international standarts (ICC and AACC Standard methods).
  • Automatic Dual Analysis System
  • Segregation of sound and sprouted grain to save money and ensure quality
  • Possibility to perform;

             - Classical Falling Number Test in wheat flour and meal.

             -Falling Number Test in wheat flour with Altitude Correction, 

             -Falling Number Test in meal of wheat,durum,rye and barley  with Altitude Correction,

             -Fungal Falling Number Test to measure alpha amylase activity of the flour which was  improved by alpha amylase. The information regarding the Fungal Falling Number is for optimizing use of additives and calculation of malt or fungal addtives.

  • Possiblity to change  the test mode with only one button touch.
  • Automatic  altitude correction and automatic recalculation of FN results
  • Correction of sample weight both for 15% and 14% moisture basis and for  FFN test.
  • Correction of FN  results according to moisture content of the sample(MOISTURE FN)
  • Correction of FN results according to sample weight       (MOISTURE GR)
  • Calculates and prints the mean value after each double analysis.
  • Calculates Liquefaction Number
  • Calculation of Blends
  • Sample identifications can be entered to the system separately.
  • Integrated Printer ,possibility to set print out results
  • Date,time,temperature in the boiler,test temperature ,test results,company details,test mode ,warning messages  can be viewed on the display.
  • The latest test  results can be viewed on the dislpay and archived.
  • Easy-to-use,accurate,fast and simple-to-interpret.
  • Water-bath component and the controller are separate. This might prevent both problems related to water spillage or spread of heat into the electronics. We have to remember here that the water-baths are capable of going up to 100 Deg C

Why measure the alpha-amylase activity?

Alpha-amylase activity has great influence upon the quality of baked goods, pasta, and noodles. Sprout damage is caused by alpha-amylase, which is a naturally occurring enzyme in grain that increases in concentration during wet harvests. TheFalling Number (FN) method is a fast and easy test to determine alpha-amylase activity in order to detect sprout damage. FN method is the World Wide Standard for measuring alpha-amylase activity in both flour and meal of wheat, durum, rye, barley, other grains and malted cereals.