Sieve Shaking Device Model S 100


Product Detail

Sieve Shaking Device Model S 100



  • Model S100

  • It is for controlling the sieving system in the mill and it also helps us to adjust the rolls. Thus you can check the production

  • It is adjustable to put different numbers of sieves according to those in the mill.

  • It also gives us the opininon about particle size and the colour of the flour.

  • The device has 6 frames and a collecting container .Number of pulleys can be increased upon request.

  • Frames may be of wooden or stainless steel.

  • Possibility to determine particle size and their ratio to others

  • Orbital movement,eccentric system

  • Digital control unit displays test time.

  • Test ends warning with a bip signal.

  • Start, Stop, Timer options.

  • Easy to set any requested size of silk sieves and wire sieves

  • Diameter of frames is 30 cm

  • The height of frames is 3 cm

  • The collecting container can be mounted under any pulley in order to be able to research requested analysis

  • Net weight is 52 kg and there is no need to fix the machine.